Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a day!

Today's Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago was so much fun! There was so much to see and so many goodies I wanted to buy! I only ended up buying a few small things, which I will share tomorrow (when I have some daylight to take some nice photos!).

I did manage to remember to snap some photos for all of you (click on each of them for a close-up)! I couldn't really get a good shot of the actual fair from a distance, but let's just say it was huge!

Some beauties from Courtney Fischer:

Cordial Kitten's table was adorable:

Lunch break. The best lemonade ever:

The best sandwich ever (avocado, smoked gouda, romaine and tomato):

Dessert- lemon and lavender cookies:

We got to shop in the actual Renegade store, and it was so fun!

Colorful pretties from the lovely Sofia Masri:

At the end of the day my mom snapped a pic of me posing by this giant kitty. My hair looks so light (and red?) in the sunshine, but it's just an illusion!:

You know, technically my train ticket lasts all weekend so I COULD go back tomorrow... hmmm...


  1. I love fairs...maybe a little too much... haha

  2. That looks like a ton of fun! I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. :-)

  3. I'm glad you had a good time! Growing up I had a cat named Marbles that looked just like that giant kitty.

  4. Great photos! That sandwich looks so good!!!

  5. i'm so jealous, too! what amazing finds and what fun!

  6. Oh wow! Looks sooooo fun. Stay another day, you deserve it. That sandwich looks amazing!

  7. Definitely looks worth going back too!

  8. Looks fun! I wish we had those fair here in Sweden.
    Your hair looks beautiful btw:)

  9. this fair looks amazing, so many yummy goodies! i'll pop back later to see what you picked up... :)

  10. How fun!!
    How come you weren't selling your stuff there???

  11. Argh! It looks totally awesome there! It's this sort of thing that makes me wish I lived in the US. Lovely sunshine, crafty people, crafty things, delicious food... looks like you had a great time!

    (You should think about going red, it looks beautiful in that last photo!)

  12. Amy, I think by next year, you will be a vendor in the Renegade Fair!
    Let's make a PLAN for it!!!
    We can stock up all year long.
    I'll help!!!

  13. mmmm... lemon and lavender cookies.... ;)

  14. This looks like such an awesome time!!! :)

  15. I missed the giant kitty! :((

  16. Amy, Lisa missed the giant kitty because it was an ice cream cone.


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