Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm getting a ten dollar drawing

Alisha Lynn Carrier will draw any image you request on a 5x7 piece of brown paper bag for $10.00. You get an original piece of art perfect for framing, and the wait for your little masterpiece is so exciting. I just ordered a drawing and requested an old-fashioned lamppost on a dark street. I'll make sure to post a pic of the drawing when I receive it. Now go here and get one of your own!


  1. those are cute, hmm maybe a portrait of myself...

  2. You always find the coolest shops and sites! Treasures, oh treasures :) Can't wait to see it...

    PS I haven't forgotten about the rock :) The tide has been in the last few times I've been to the beach. Excuses excuses.

  3. I like her style! The stork scissors and the mouse are my faves!! Very Potter reminiscent and you know that's a compliment!

  4. Just love her drawing style! What an awesome proposal she offers. I'd be so worried about the paper bag's integrity over time, but that's the art conservator in me talking :)

    You are such a super poster and find the coolest stuff! How do you find the time??

  5. How fun! These are all gorgeous...


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