Friday, August 28, 2009

The Victorian Chaise Longue

Have any of you read this book? I've been wanting it for years and still do not have it! I want to get it from Persephone Books, which is an AMAZING company in the UK. They reprint what they call "neglected classics" by 20th century writers (mostly women). This particular title is book #6 from their catalog (though the cover pictured above is not their edition). It was written in 1953 and looks wonderfully terrifying. Here is a synopsis from their website:

This 'slim, brilliant, very scary novel' (John Sandoe Books) came out in 1953, four years after Little Boy Lost (No. 28); it is about a young married woman who lies down on a chaise-longue and wakes to find herself imprisoned in the body of her alter ego ninety years before. It impressed PD James, author of the Preface, 'as one of the most skillfully told and terrifying short novels of its decade.' And Penelope Lively described it in the PQ as 'disturbing and compulsive', commenting: 'This is timetravel fiction, but with a difference... instead of making it into a form of adventure, what Marghanita Laski has done is to propose that such an experience would be the ultimate terror... so Melanie/Milly clings to the belief that she is dreaming for as long as she possibly can; the point at which she is forced to abandon this comfort and search for other explanations is her plunge into nightmare.

Persephone Books covers all of their titles in the same plain gray paper, but they put endpapers in all the books that have a design reminiscent of the time the book was originally released:

A bookmark of the same print comes with your purchase of the book. Isn't it pretty? I NEED this book!


  1. Wow that's pretty cool, I love the book cover and end papers

  2. How pretty! You have good taste.

  3. Thats pretty cool. I may just have to check them out!

  4. really pretty love your site.........i am making a give away visit

  5. I had never heard of this company or this book; both sound really interesting. I love tales of time travel; one of my favorite movies is "Somewhere in Time." I'll have to check this stuff out!! xoxoxo


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