Saturday, August 22, 2009


Two new pouches in the shop today. Hopefully some new cuffs will be coming tomorrow, as well. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice about how to finish the red pouch! It seemed I got the most votes for the plain white button so that's what I did. I think it turned out great!


  1. They are beautiful! I especially love the pastel floral one! :) :)

  2. Gorgeous! The red one is fabulous!!!!!

  3. Oooh, I totally missed the shop when I found your blog yesterday! The purches are really gorgeous, and if I had the money I would probably order one right now! My one restraint is that it is always so very expensive with shipping to Europe (I didn't even check if you do ship to Europe...).

    I really loved the white cotton dress as well, but I think it would be a bit small for me. I haven't really figured out inches and such yet, since I live by the metric system, so I would have to measure myself to make sure. I can't believe you're not keeping it for yourself, you look really great in it in the photos.

    Now, I'll continue stalking the rest of the blog world!

    / Jenny

  4. These are so beautiful. Your etsy shop is fantastic. I'm tempted to do a post about it. (Tomorrow, perhaps. I'll let you know if and when I do). Thank you for stopping by Three-Six-Five. Your blog is adorable, I must follow :)


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