Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flea market finds

Yesterday I went to my favorite once-a-month antique flea market. I didn't find as many treasures as I would have liked, and it was SO gloomy out, but it was a fun day. I got this lovely vintage feedsack. Expect some snap pouches with this great print shortly!

I collect vintage glassware, so I was more than thrilled to come across a set of seven of these glasses, and for less than a dollar each! Won't they be perfect for iced tea?

I also found this great postcard that will work wonderfully for a postcard sentiment bracelet:

Oh, and I can't forget the 2 lb. bag of really good cherries I bought there, as well. Mmmmm!


  1. Love those glasses. I just went to an antique flea market too! Can't get enough......blogging about it now actually!

  2. gosh!
    what lovely, lovely finds!!! how lucky you were!
    those glasses are just gorgeous!


  3. Those glasses are great. I love vintage glassware as well =)

  4. Yes, I love the glassware. I just got back from my thrift store. I'll be posting about it later. Stay tuned!

  5. Cute fabric, great glasses for ice tea too!

    Don't you just love the flea market!!! I do :-)

  6. That fabric....
    Cannot wait until you have pouches with that!
    My husband is going to kill me, for we
    are on "no excessive shopping" budget.
    I will just have to intercept the mail. hahaha.

  7. What great finds! I love the fabric!!

  8. You have totally inspired me!! Not sure if it's vintage or not, but I found this TERRIFIC red leather pencil skirt at the thrift store for $4!!!!!! It's a little snug, but is convincing me to work-out so I can wear it!!!

  9. Thanks, everyone! The Momma, that is awesome about the skirt!!

    P.S. Kate8085 I have to do a lot of mail intercepting, too. haha

  10. Oh - I wish I could flea market this weekend. Those glasses are so happy! Great finds.

  11. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love flea markets too. I haven't had time to go this summer. Hope to get to Kane County again some time. So much awesome stuff. I'm hoping to start buying some older furniture to fix up for my house.

    I just started with the craft shows and I am a bit nervous about the 2 day ones I have coming up....don't know what to expect. The outdoor ones were fun though. Hopefully these will be too.

    Thanks again for coming by!


  12. i LOVE those glasses! i've found a couple of great vintage dishes on etsy, but none locally!

    also i love the colors in the vintage fabric!

  13. Oh the pattern and colors on the feedsack are lovely. So sweet and perfect for summer. The glasses are wonderful too. Great finds!

  14. I am suffering from glass envy. Those are just the cheeriest little cups ever. Savor that tea in those beauties!!

    PS- Wish I had a lady friend to go flea-marketing with!!!

  15. Those glasses are such a good find!

  16. I LOVE those glasses. What a great shopper you are!

  17. Great finds! I have a couple of old vintage European postcards (aka. postkartes) that you should see! They are going into the store soon!


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