Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About me

This is me. Everyone sees this photo as my teeny avatar, but never big enough to really see me. So hello to all my blog friends! A while back I was honored to be given the Premio Meme Award by both Cecil and Co. and OP Designs. I was also tagged at some point by Lilly Shay Style to tell a bit about myself. Thank you, all- I haven't forgotten! Now go visit their blogs and say hello.

I'm supposed to give some info about myself and pass the award to others. I think since I was tagged to tell ten things about myself, that is what I will do, along with mention some of my favorite blogs that you should go visit immediately!

1. You couldn't pay me to eat even one bit of cantaloupe.
2. I can't whistle or snap my fingers.
3. I was on the Bozo show as a child (embarrassing, to say the least).
4. John Krasinski is my boyfriend (that one may or may not be true).
5. I've been teaching myself (from books) how to sew for a little over a year now.
6. I am 30 years old and my youngest sibling is five. Hi, Sage- I love you!
7. Tarragon and cilantro are very, very bad. Don't put them anywhere near me.
8. My favorite food is Thanksgiving dinner.
9. There is nothing better than a good book. Nothing.
10. My favorite song to play on the guitar is Blackbird.

And now for some really wonderful blogs written by really wonderful people. There are more, but start with these:
A.N. Original Jewelry
Nest Blossoms
a kingdom by the sea
Rosy Revolver
The Student Knitter
Tea & Honey Bread
simply b
If you see your name above, consider yourself tagged. I want to know ten things about you!

I'll leave you with a pic of a custom sentiment bracelet I recently finished. Isn't it lovely?
I was sad to see it go. ;)


  1. Haha, nice to get to know more about you... I admire you for teaching yourself (and obviously succeeding) to sew. You're missing out on the Cilantro... :)

  2. I will tell Sage you said, "Hi!" when she wakes up! She loves you.
    You should tell the story about the time she said her first sentence.
    Nevermind. I will! One day at the apple orchard, Sage was bursting with adoration while looking at Amy. She could no longer contain herself and out came the full sentence, "I LOVE YOU!!" directed at Amy who was taking her picture! She was just a little one year old baby at the time.

  3. Cantaloupe and cilantro?! Two of my favorites. How funny is that? As for tarragon-that stuff is just crazy!

    Sewing is the art form that got away, I'm really going to push myself to figure it all out this year...will you e-mail me the names of the books you've so successfully used.

    Thanks for tagging me!

    Hi Sage!

  4. my favorite song to play is blackbird as well...the sounds that come from my guitar make me feel like i know what im doing ...haha

  5. Yay to blackbird on the guitar, mandi!! haha

    T-Allen- I emailed you. :)

  6. You rock. You are such a refined beauty.

    I cannot stand cilantro either but I love some cantaloupe!

  7. The Bozo show. Awesome.
    Please tell me you got to play the bucket game.
    One question though, do you think Bozo was boozin' on the job a little? hahha.
    Nice to find out these tidbits!

  8. Kate8085, too funny! haha.. no, I didn't play the grand prize game because it was a special episode with a kind of relay race feel. I played the oh-so-interesting games of "walk with egg on a spoon" and "shoot styrofoam cups with water guns," among others. Both my mom and my husband, however, got picked for the grand prize game when they were young!

  9. I did the 10 things list a while back. It was fun. I love reading the lists. Such an insight into other people's lives. :)

  10. I was on the Bozo show as well! I announced a cartoon with my awesome permed hair and glasses. Ha.

  11. I got picked by the magic arrows to play the Grand Prize Game on a 1965 episode when I was 5!
    I was so happy that Amy and her brother got picked to play in the game segment.

  12. Aww, you are beautiful, Amy!! I knew that already though, I've seen your other photos ;)

    Thanks for "tagging" me in this! I will definitely post something on my blog about me.

    And I LOVE that sentiment bracelet! I think I will have to order one from you at some point in time, I'll have to think of what I want on it :)

  13. Oh my gosh, Amy, I just saw this!! Thanks for the tag; might have to make that my blog post tomorrow! Beautiful picture of you, as I'm sure every one of them must be. And a great list . . . but girl, c'mon, you gotta have love for cilantro!!

    PS- Might be repeating myself, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your postcard bracelets. Such a moving and unique idea. : ) xoxoxo

  14. hey, I cant whistle either! My kids love to flaunt their abilities in front of me, too.
    I was an avid watcher of The Bozo Show, I wanted to be on there so bad!

  15. Purple Daisies, I'm so glad I've found another adult who can't whistle! hahah (my daughter flaunts it, too..)

    kelsey and rosy, thanks for the sentiment bracelet love! :)

  16. Nice to read things about you !!xx


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