Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reproduction feedsack fabric

I absolutely love fabric reproduced from vintage feedsack. This one is a 1930s repro fabric and it is so adorable! I especially love the floral pattern and color combo and thought it was perfect for this snap pouch.

New in the shop today.


  1. I am going to have to insist that you send me this pouch, the pitcher, and the tea kettle.
    You don't need them. You don't need them.
    Follow the swinging are getting verrrry sleepy.

    Is it working? Damn.

  2. **sigh** That is so lovely! Can you adopt me so I can enjoy all your vintage lovelies and go shopping with you!! I'll be a good girl, I promise!!

  3. kate8085 you are hilarious! And, yes, TheMomma, come go shopping with me!

  4. I love the fabric, so summery! Well done job :)

  5. What a pretty blog! I share your passion for unusual fabrics - this one is so cute...
    I mainly collect plant-dyed vintage and brocade silks.
    I love your handmade products especially the chrochet and knitted ones. I've joined your list of followers and look forward to following this blog from now on.

  6. Oh, sorry for the confusion. I missed that with the crochet and knitting - thought it was your work.
    Anyway, there are still enough good reasons for me to return to your blog ;)


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