Saturday, July 25, 2009

Itty bitty pretties

I have always loved tiny things. I thought I'd show you my two favorite necklaces, which just happen to showcase my two most favorite tiny things. The sterling book locket above is an antique and only about a half inch tall! It opens up and has a little sterling book page inside that you can flip around. I wear this all the time, but have never had photos small enough to fit inside. It is the absolute perfect necklace for a voracious reader like me.

I have also always had an affinity for old skeleton keys. What did they unlock? Who used them? When I found this antique key AND it had the bonus of being just a hair over 1/2 inch tall, I knew it had to be mine!
Anyone else like tiny things?


  1. Yes! I love tiny things. Aside from being adorable, I appreciate that tiny things are lightweight and don't take up much space :) The sterling book locket is lovely! There is a blog dedicated to dollhouse miniatures. I bet you'd love it--it's called Fluffy Bricks.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Amy you may have inherited your love for tiny things from Paula - she had ALWAYS loved them!


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