Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally! Videos of Stuart

My mom and I took a video of Stuart tonight, but it was too long to upload, so we had to break it up into three parts. Stuart was tired after just feeding, and was in no mood to show off! Enjoy the cuteness. :)


  1. Okay, I'm totally voting baby kangaroo, too ;)

  2. Dear Stuart,

    I'm Ashley and I love you! I hope you love me too :) You have really cute feet and I love when you roll around! Oh my god! I love you so much that my little doxie is getting jealous! She loves you too though, shes just too embaressed to admit it! Were pulling for you Stuart!

  3. *Makes silly faces reserved for special babies and furries* Hi Stuart, you are too precious for words. You're in my good thoughts and I'm looking forward to watching as you grow big and strong!

  4. Stuart is such a cute little fart!!
    We are in your corner! Can't wait for the
    next Stuart update!

  5. ooohh my gosh! i cannot belive how tiny he is! i had no idea. i mean the photos he looks a little bigger! but that runt! oh my goodness. now im totally amazed that your daughter saw that! seriously?! how cute cute cute. im so happy he's okay!

  6. He's so tiny and cute and epic :'D
    .. I'm kinda hesitant about calling him a He though. Must be my odd ideas haha. He's so cute ! Hope he makes it, he's making a great blog pet already haha, getting lots of lover from everyone !
    Hope you're alright all warm and cuddly stuart :D

  7. I think you're gonna have to change the name of your blog to Stuart TV!!! What a little sweetie!

  8. Hang on, little Stuart! We are all sending good vibes to you!


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